조호건축 – About JOHO Architecture


Jeong Hoon LEE

Architect D.P.L.G.(France) / Architect K.I.R.A. (R.KOREA)
Senior Public Architect, Chungcheongnam-do
Vice President of Architectural Design Institute of Korea

B.A. Architecture and Philosophy. SungKyunKwan University, South Korea
D.E.S.S (M.A.) Architectural materials, Nancy school of architecture, France
C.E.A (M.A.) Architectural theory, Paris Lavillette school of architecture, France
D.P.L.G. A qualified architect , Paris Lavillette school of architecture, France

Shigeru Ban Architects Europe office, Paris, France /
Agence Moatti et Riviere, Paris, France /
Zaha Hadid Architects, London, UK /

Award >>>
Gyeonggi-do, Architecture Culture Award, Silver Award, 2020
Korea Architects Association Specialty, Kim Jong Seong Architecture Award, 2020
Ulsan Architecture Award, Excellence Award, 2020
South Korea, Gangnam Architecture Award, 2nd Prize, 2019
South Korea, Wooden Architecture Award, 2nd Prize, 2019
South Korea, Architecture Design Institute of Korea, 2018 best architecture 30 award, 2018
USA, 2018 Masterprize Architecture Award, 2018
South Korea, Seoul Architecture Awards, Runner-up & Special Prize, 2017
USA, International Architecture Awards, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, Winner, 2017
USA, American Architecture prize, Bronze, 2016
South Korea, Korean Institute of Architects Award, Korean Institute of Architects, 2016
South Korea, Korean Architecture Awards, Excellent Award, 2016
South Korea, Korea Remodeling Association Award, Excellent Award, 2016
Germany, German Design Award, Special Mention, 2016
Germany, iF Design Award 2016, International Forum Design, 2016
UK, Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016, International Property Awards, 2016
Germany, The Red dot, Red dot Award 2015, Communication Design, 2015
UK, Architects Directory 2015, Wallpaper, 2015
ITALIA, The Plan Award 2015, Honorable Mention, 2015
South Korea, Silver Prize, Gyeonggi Architecture Award 2014, 2014
South Korea, Seoul City Architecture Award 2014, Excellent Award, 2014
Germany, Fritz Höger Architecture Award 2014, Special Mention, 2014
Austria, Wienerberger Brick Award 2014, Shortlist, 2014
United Kingdom, Worldwide Brick Award 2013, Shortlist, 2013
USA, Architectural Record Design Vanguard Award 2013, Architectural Record, 2013
South Korea, Seoul Metropolitan government public architect, Seoul Metropolitan government, 2011
South Korea, Design Director, School renovation project, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, 2011
South Korea, Korean Young Architects Award, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. the government of Korea, 2010
South Korea, Excellent Award, National Museum of Contemporary Arts In Seoul International Design Competition, 2010
France, With honour, D.P.L.G Diploma, Paris Lavillette school of architecture, 2007
subject : « A study on the design methodology using the method of subtraction »
Czech, 17finalists, Prague National Library International Design Competition (UIA), 2006
South Korea, Merit Award, JeonGok Prehistory Museum International Design Competition (UIA), 2006
South Korea, Korean National Government scholarship : Department of architecture, 2003~2006

Exhibition >>>
"Architectural Design Institute of Korea (ADIK) exhibition", Nine Bridge Pergola, 2020.10
"Seoul Museum of Urbanism and Architecture, Ways of Seeing", Nine Bridge Pergola, 2020.11~2021.01
“Hungary Cosmopolitan Look Symposium”, Nine Bridge Pergola, 2019.11~2020.03
“Pohang Museum of Steel Art (POMA)”, Waffle Valley II, 2019.08~2019.10
“2018 Best Architecture 30”, ADIK Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2019.01
“Korean Young Architect Award Past Prime Minister's Operation Exhibition”, Seoul Urban Architecture Center, 2018.10
“YAF Exhibition vol 3”, Bean Brothers, Seoul, Korea, 2018.12
“Digital Architecture”, ADIK Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2018.09
“Special Exhibition for winner of IAA 2017”, The Chicago Athenaeum, Athens, Greece, 2017.09
"Architecture of Intergration", KIA Convention & Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, 2017.09
"Exhibition for Young Architects", UIA SEOUL 2017, Seoul, Korea, 2017.09
Seoulhwa 'Once upon a time', Amorepacific, Seoul, Korea, 2017.09
Venice Biennale Archiettura, The Far game: Constrainsts Sparkling Creativity, Seoul, Korea, 2017
Special Exhibition for winner of German Design Award, Frankfrut, Germany, 2017.02
Special Exhibition for winner of American Architectur Prize, Cooper Hewitt, 2016.10
Special Exhibition for winner of Korean Architecture Competiton, Korea, 2016.10
Special Exhibition for winner of Korean Architecture and Culture Competition, Seoul, 2016.10
Drawings of Architects, The city as a commons, Moa Gallery, Korea, 2016.09
Venice Architecture Biennale, The Far Game, Venive Italy, 2016.07
30 years Special Exhibition in National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, 2016.06
Special Exhibition for winner of IF Design Award, Hamburg, 2016.02
AICA ASIA FEST, Invited Jury, Mumbai, India, January, 2016
"OUT OF THE BOX", Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, September~December, 2015
"RE : BORN", Museum Soda, Hwaseong, April, 2015
"Out of the Ordinary", The Cass Bank Gallery, London, UK, Feb, 2015
Gyeonggi Architecture Culture Festival, Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon, Nov, 2014
"Endless Triangle" with Luxteel, Songwon Art Center, Seoul, Oct, 2014
Seoul Architecture Festival, DDP, Seoul, Oct, 2014
"Emerging", India + Korea Architecture Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center, New Delhi, India, 2013
Canada Wood & Architecture, "Korea Foundation gallery", Seoul, July, 2013
Wondosi Architecture Young Architects Forum, "Wondosi gallery", Seoul, Nov, 2011
Korea Institute of youth facility & environment international exhibition, "Induk college", Seoul, Nov, 2011
Korea Young Architects Award, "Dae Hak Ro_Lock Museum", Seoul, Dec, 2010
Korea Young Architects Award, "Pusan _ Bexco convention center", Seoul, Sept, 2010
40th anniversary Exhibition of SKKU, Samsung Library, Suwon, Sept, 2010.
Neographie, Cite internationale des arts, Paris, FRANCE, April, 2010.
National Museum of Contemporary Arts in Seoul, "Seoul_GI MU SA", Seoul, Feb, 2010
Jeongok Prehistory Museum, "Seoul_IN SA gallery", Seoul, June, 2006

Lecture >>>
Hanyang University, Graduation Design Critics, 2020.12
Korea National University of Arts, Graduation Design Critic, 2020.12
Seoul National University, Lecture, 2020.12
New York Parkx Competition, Jury, 2020.11
Dankook University, Lecture & Office Tour, 2020.10
Seoul OPENHOUSE, Lecture, 2020.10
Phil The Trip Tour, Architectural Tour, 2020.10
Young Architecture Forum, Panel, 2020.10
Ministry of Education, An Interview on Innovation Space of Yogamcho Woodworking Center, 2020.08
Korea National University of Arts, Postgraduate Critic, 2020.08
Young Architecture Award, Jury, 2020.07
Digital Architecture, Interview, 2020.05
Yeongchu Forum, Lecture, 2020.05
Paju Gwangtan Library, Jury, 2020.05
Senior Welfare Center, Paju, Jury, 2019.12
KunWon Architecture, Seoul, Lecture, 2019.11
Daegu Urban Regeneration Forum, Daegu, Lecture, 2019.11
Hungary Cosmopolitan Look Symposium, Lecture, 2019.11
uni.xyz, YoParking, Jury, NewYork, 2019.10
KT Real Estate, Lecture, 2019.09
Pohang Museum of Steel Art (POMA), Lecture, 2019.08
Seoul Summer Architecture School, Tutor, 2019.07~08
Gangnam Architecture Award, Tour, 2019.07
Don’t Worry Seoul, Podcast, Talk, 2019.06
Yeungnam University Dept. of Architecture, Lecture, 2019.05
Architecture Sympathy, Youtube, Platform L Contemporary Art Center, Tour, 2019.05
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Tour, 2019.05
AIT Institute, Fine Art Academy, Lecture, 2019.04
KookMin University Dept. of Architecture, Lecture, 2019.04
ISAIA International Symposium, Alpensia convention center, 2018.10
Junglim Architecture, Seoul, 2018.09
Lecture in Department of Architecture, Dankook University, 2018.09
Young Architects Forum (YAF), Eagon house, 2018.06
Lecture in Department of Architecture, Hanyang University, 2018.04
Dongkuk Steel Mill luxteel, Seoul,2018.06
Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Fabrication, Round Table, 2017 .10
UIA SEOUL Architect Lecture Series, Seoul Coex, September 2017
Lecture in Department of Architecture, Kongju National University, 2017.05
Lecture in Department of Landscape Architecture, Sangmyeong University, 2017.05
Lecture in Kumoh National Insitute of Techonology, 2017.04
Lecture in Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, 2017.04
Table Talk for Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, 2017.04
Lecture in Jung Rim Architecture and Culture Foundation, 2017.03
Lecture in Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, 2017.01
Special Lecture for Kia Motors Modeler Team, 2017.01
Special Lecture for Kia Motors Design Team, 2016.09
Judge of the Korean Architecture Competiton, KIRA, 2016.07
Ehwa Women Univ, Diploma critic, Seoul, April, 2016
KIA Motors Design Team, Lecture, DDP, Seoul, April, 2016
Seoul National Univ, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Lecture, Seoul, March, 2016
AICA ASIA FEST, Invited Jury, Mumbai, India, January, 2016
"OUT OF THE BOX", Kumho Museum of Art, Invited Lecture, Seoul, Korea, November, 2015
Korea National University of Cultural Heritage_Cultural Heritage Administration, Invited Lecture, Buyeo, Seoul, Oct, 2015
Korea Green Building Council, Monthly forum , Invited Lecture, Seoul, Korea, August, 2015
The Cass Bank Gallery, Workshop, "Endless Triangle" London, UK, Feb, 2015
Host Architects' Forum(HAF), The 6th Seoul International Architecture Film Festival, Ewha women University, Oct, 2014
Endless Triangle talk show, Songwon Art Center, Oct, 2014
Bridges Seoul 2014, Invited Lecture, Kwacheon, August, 2014
pressS/Tinternational, Interview, Venice, June, 2014
JungLim Foundation, Invited Lecture, Arko Museum, Seoul, May, 2014
Induk Univ, Invited Lecture, Seoul, May, 2014
KyongGi Univ, Invited Lecture, Suwon, May, 2014
Seoul Architecture Arcademy, Invited Lecture, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, April, 2014
IIID, Institute of Indian Interior designers, Lecture, Baroda, India, Oct, 2013
IIA, Indian Institute of Architectes, Lecture, Ahmedabad, India, Oct, 2013
Lyon City Design, Invited ceremony, Lyon, France, March, 2013
Seoul National Univ, Lecture, Space Design Studio, Seoul, March~June 2013
Ehwa Women Univ, Diploma Critic, Seoul, June 2013
Univ of Seoul, Diploma critic, Seoul, June 2013
Hanbat National Univ, Special Lecture, Daejeon, April 2013
Seoul National Univ, Lecture, Space Design Studio, Seoul, March~June 2012
SungKyunKwan Univel, Lecture, Suwon, March~ Dec 2012
DanKuk Univ, Critic, Seoul, June 2012
HongIk Univ, Critic, Seoul, June 2012
Sejong Univ, Critic, Seoul, June 2012
Kookmin Univ, Special Lecture, Seoul, May 2012
Korea Univ final critic, Seoul, Dec 2011
Wondosi Architecture Young Architects Forum, "Wondosi gallery", Seoul, Dec 2011
Sejong Univ final critic, Seoul, Dec 2011
Univ of Seoul final critic, Seoul, Dec 2011
Kookmin Univ critic, Seoul, Oct 2011
SungKyunKwan Univ, Design Studio, Suwon, Mar ~ Jun 2011
University of Seoul, Master Course, Architectural planning, Seoul, Mar ~ Jun 2011
Yeonsei Univ final Critic, Seoul, June 2011
"WIDE", architectural magazine, Lecture, Seoul, May 2011
University of Seoul, Lecture, Seoul, April 2011
Mokpo Univ, Lecture, Mokpo, April 2011
SungKyunKwan Univ, Theory of architectural form, Suwon, Sept ~ Dec 2010
French Cultural Center. "Herma Parking Budilging", Seoul, Sept 2010
Yongsan Development Design Group, Seoul, Sept 2010
SungKyunKwan Univ critic. Suwon, July 2010
YeonSei Univ Critic, Seoul, July 2010
University of Seoul, Lecture, Seoul, May 2010
KwonWon Architects, Lecture, Seoul, July 2009
MAP Architects, Lecture, Seoul, May 2009
Buchun Univ, Lecture, Buchun, May 2009
InHa Univ, Lecture, Incheon, April 2009
HaeAn Architects, Lecture, Seoul, March 2009
JungLim Architecture, Lecture, Seoul, Feb 2009

이정훈, Jeong Hoon LEE

대표, 프랑스 건축사 (Architect D.P.L.G.) / 대한민국 건축사 (K.I.R.A.)
충청남도 수석공공건축가
한국건축설계학회 부회장

성균관대학교 건축학과 및 철학과 졸업
2003년 대한민국 정부 건축분야 국비장학생으로 선발
FRANCE, Nancy 건축학교, 건축 재료학 D.E.S.S (M.A.) 석사
FRANCE, Paris Lavillette 건축학교, 건축 이론 C.E.A (M.A.)석사
FRANCE, Paris Lavillette 건축학교, 프랑스 건축사 (D.P.L.G) 취득

PARIS, Shigeru Ban Architects Europe /
PARIS, Agence Moatti et Riviere /
LONDON, Zaha Hadid Architects /

Award >>>
한국 / 2020 경기도 건축문화상 "은상" 수상
한국 / 2020 한국건축가협회 특별상 "김종성건축상" 수상
한국 / 2020 울산광역시 건축상 "우수상" 수상
한국 / 2019 대한민국목조건축대전 "최우수상" 수상
한국 / 2019 강남구 아름다운 건축상 "최우수상" 수상
한국 / 2018 한국건축설계학회"2018 올해의건축 베스트30" 선정
미국 / 2018 Masterprize Architecture Award 수상
한국 / 2017 제35회 서울시 건축상 “우수상 & 시민공감 특별상” 수상
미국 / The Chicago Athenaeum Museum에서 주관하는 International Architecture Awards 2017 “Final Winner"
미국 / 2016 American Architecture Prize, Architectural Design/Cultural Architecture 부문 "Bronze"수상
한국 / 2016 제39회 한국 건축가협회상 수상
한국 / 2016 건축문화대상 준공건축물부문 수상
한국 / 2016 한국 리모델링 건축대전 우수상 수상
독일 / German Design Award Retail Architecture 부분 “Special Mention”수상
독일 / International Forum Design에서 주관하는 IF Design Award 2016 수상
영국 / International Property Awards에서 주관하는 Asia Pacific Property Awards 2016 수상
독일 / 2015 Reddot Award, Communication Design부문 수상
영국 / Wallpaper사에서 주관하는 Architects Directory 2015 선정
이탈리아 / 2015 The Plan Award에서 “Honorable Mention” 수상
한국 / 2014 경기도 건축문화상에서 “은상” 수상
한국 / 2014 서울시 건축상 “우수상” 수상
독일 / 2014 Fritz Höger Architecture Award에서 “Special Mention” 수상
오스트리아 / 2014 Wienerberger Brick Award에서 Shortlist로 선정
영국 / 2013 Worldwide Brick Award에서 Shortlist로 선정
미국 / Architectural Record사에서 주관하는 “2013 차세대 세계건축을 리드할 10인의 건축가“로 선정
한국 / 국립 현대미술관 서울관 국제 현상설계경기 “우수작” 수상
프랑스 / Paris Lavillette Diploma 최우수(with honour) 졸업 : « 가감법을 이용한 설계방법론 연구 »
프라하 / 국립도서관 국제 현상설계경기 (국제 건축사협회 주관, UIA) 에서 17 finalists 진출
한국 / 전곡리 선사유적박물관 국제 현상설계경기 (국제 건축사협회 주관, UIA) 에서 “Merit Award” 수상

Exhibition >>>
"서울도시건축전시관, 다르게보다", Nine Bridge Pergola, 2020.11~2021.01
"한국건축설계학회 ADIK 전시", Nine Bridge Pergola, 2020.10
"헝가리전시", Nine Bridge Pergola, 2019.11~2020.03
"포항시립미술관전", Waffle Valley II, 2019.08~2019.10
“2018 BEST 30 건축전’, ADIK Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2019.01
“일상의 건축”, YAF Exhibition vol3, Bean Brothers, 서울, 2018.12
“젊은건축가상 역대 수상작 전시회”, 서울도시건축센터, 2018.10
“Digital Architecture”, ADIK Gallery, 서울, 2018.09
"IAA 2017 수상작 전시", 시카고아테나움 유러피안센터, 그리스, 2017.09
"대한민국 건축문화제 한국건축가협회상 40년 특별전", 건축가협회주관, 서울, 2017.09
"UIA서울 젊은건축가전시", 서울, 2017.09
"설화문화전: 선녀와 나무꾼", 아모레퍼시픽 설화수 주관, 서울, 2017.09
"베니스 비엔날레 귀국전, 용적률 게임", ARCO Museum, Korea, 2017.05
"German Design Award 2017 수상작 전시", Frankfrut, Germany, 2017.02
"American Architectur Prize 2016 수상작 전시", Cooper Hewitt, 2016.10
"한국건축가협회 수상작 전시", 울산, 2016.10
"한국건축문화대상 수상작 전시", 서울, 2016.10
"건축가 드로잉전, The city as a commons", Moa Gallery, Korea, 2016.09
"베니스 비엔날레 한국관 전시, The FAR game", Venive Italy, 2016.07
"국립현대미술관 특별전, 순환하는 미술관", 과천, 2016.06
"IF Design Award 2016 수상작 전시", Hamburg, 2016.02
AICA ASIA Fest, Lecture, Mumbai, India, 2016.01
"재료의 건축, 건축의 재료", 금호 미술관, 2015. 09~12
"RE : BORN", 화성 소다미술관, 2015. 04
"Out of the Ordinary", The Cass Bank Gallery, London, UK, 2015. 02
경기 건축문화제, 수원 화성행궁 광장, 2014.11
Endlss Triangle with Luxteel, 송원아트센터, 2014.11
서울시 건축문화제, 동대문 디자인 플라자(DDP), 2014.11
"Emerging", 한국 인도 건축가 교류전, 주인도 한국문화원, New Delhi, India, 2013.
Canada wood & Architecture 전시회, 한국국제교류재단 갤러리, 2013. 07
원도시건축초청 젊은건축가포럼 전시회, 원도시건축 갤러리, 2011. 11
국제청소년건축전 초대작가전, 한국청소년 시설환경학회, 인덕대학, 2011.10
젊은건축가상 수상작 전시회, 서울 대학로 쇳대 박물관, 2010. 12
젊은건축가상 수상작 전시회, 부산 벡스코 전시장, 2010. 09
SKKU 40주년 기념 전시회 및 작품집출간, 성균관대 자연과학캠퍼스 첨단도서관, 2010. 09
Neographie Exhibition, Cite internationale des arts, Paris, FRANCE, 2010. March~April
국립현대미술관 수상작 전시회, 서울 종로구 소격동 기무사내, 2010. 02
전곡리 선사유적 박물관 수상작 전시회, 서울 인사갤러리, 2006, 06

Lecture >>>
한양대학교, 졸업설계 크리틱 2020.12
한국예술종합학교, 졸업설계 크리틱 2020.12
서울시립대 학부생, 특강, 2020.12
뉴욕 Parkx 공모전, 심사 2020.11
단국대학부생, 사무소투어 특강 2020.10
서울 OPENHOUSE, 특강 2020.10
필더트립 투어, 건축투어, 2020.10
젊은건축가포럼, 패널, 2020.10
교육부 혁신공간 인터뷰, 용암초 목공소 2020.08
한국예술종합학교, 대학원 크리틱 2020.08
젊은건축가상, 심사 2020.07
디지털 건축, 인터뷰, 2020.05
영추포럼, 특강 2020.05
파주 광탄도서관, 심사, 2020.05
파주 노인복지관 및 장애인복지관 공모전, 심사 2019.12
건원건축, 특강 2019.11
대구시 도시재생한마당, 특강, 2019.11
헝가리 Cosmopolitan Look, 특강, 2019.11
뉴욕 YoParking 공모전, 심사 2019.10
KT Estate, 특강 2019.09
포항시립미술관, 특강 2019.08
서울시 여름건축학교, 튜터 2019.07-08
강남구 건축상, 투어 2019.07
걱정말아요 서울, 팟캐스트, 토킹, 2019.06
영남대 건축학부, 특강 2019.05
유투브 건축공감, 플랫폼 엘, 투어 2019.05
DDP 백스테이지투어, 투어 2019.05
유투브 건축공감, 토크, 2019.04
에이트 인스트튜트, 예술아카데미, 특강 2019.04
국민대학교 건축학부 특강 2019.04
ISAIA 국제심포지엄, Alpensia convention center, 2018.10
정림건축 특강, 2018.09
단국대 건축학부 특강, 2018.09
동국제강 럭스틸 특강, 2018.06
한양대 건축학부 특강, 2018.04
서울도시건축비엔날레 파브리케이션 라운드테이블, 2017.10
UIA SEOUL 건축가렉쳐 시리즈, 서울, 2017.09
공주대학교 건축학과 특강, 2017.05
상명대 조경학과 특강, 2017.05
디노마드 건축특강, 2017.04
전통문화대학교 특강, 2017.04
베니스비엔날레 귀국전 테이블 토크, 2017.04
정림건축문화재단 건축학교 토요일11시, 2017.03
전통문화대학교 특강, 2017.01
기아자동차 모델러팀 대상 강의, 2017.01
기아자동차 디자인팀 대상 강의, 2016.09
한국건축가협회 대한민국 건축대전 심사위원, 2016.07
이화여자대학교_졸업디플롬 크리틱, 2016.04
기아자동차 디자인팀 대상 강의, 동대문 디자인 플라자, 2016.04
서울대학교_환경대학원 특강, 2016.03
AICA ASIA Fest, Lecture, Mumbai, India, 2016.01
"재료의 건축, 건축의 재료", 금호 미술관, Lecture, 2015.12
문화재청_한국전통문화대학교 강의, 2015.10
그린빌딩협의회, 월례포럼 강의, 2015. 8
The Cass Bank Gallery, 워크샵, "Endless Triangle" London, UK, 2015. 02
HAF, 서울 국제 건축 영화제, Lecture, 2014. 10
송원아트센터, Endless Triangle, Lecture, Talk show, 2014. 10
IIID, Institute of Indian Interior designers, Lecture, Baroda, India, 2013. 10
IIA, Indian Institute of Architectes, Lecture, Ahmedabad, India, 2013. 10
Lyon City Design, Invited ceremony, Lyon, France, 2013. 03
서울대학교_디자인학부 공간디자인 강의, 2013.03 ~06
이화여자대학교_졸업디플롬 크리틱, 2013.06
서울시립대학교_졸업디플롬 크리틱, 2013.06
국립한밭대학교_건축공학과 특강, 2013.04
서울대학교_디자인학부 공간디자인 강의, 2012.03 ~06
성균관대학교_건축학과 강의, 2012.03~12
단국대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2012.6
세종대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2012.6
홍익대학교_실내건축학과 크리틱, 2012.6
국민대학교_건축학과 대학원 특강, 2012.5
고려대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2011.12
원도시건축초청_젊은건축가포럼 좌담회, 2011.12
세종대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2011.12
서울시립대학교_건축학과 크리틱, 2011.12
국민대학교_건축학과 크리틱, 2011.10
성균관대학교_디자인 스튜디오 강의, 2011.03 ~12
서울시립대학교_도시과학대학원_건축계획 강의, 2011.03 ~06
연세대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2011.06
와이드_땅집사향초청 특강, 2011.05
목포대학교_건축공학과 특강, 2011.04
서울시립대학교_건축공학과 특강, 2011.04
성균관대학교_건축형태론 강의, 2010.09 ~12
프랑스 건축사회 _ 프랑스문화원 특강, 2010.09
용산국제업무지구 사업단 초청 특강, 2010.09
성균관대학교_건축학과 크리틱, 2010.07
연세대학교_건축공학과 크리틱, 2010.07
서울시립대학교_건축공학과 특강, 2010.05
건원건축 특강, 2009.07
MAP건축 특강, 2009.05
부천대학교 실내건축과 특강, 2009.05
인하대학교 건축공학과 특강, 2009.04
해안건축 특강, 2009.05
정림건축 특강, 2009.02



2009년 2월 설립된 JOHO Architecture는 건축가 이정훈 LEE Jeonghoon의 새로운 브랜드명으로 한문으로 造好 (지을 조, 좋아할 호)의 의미를 가진다.

건축을 인문학적 기반 위에서 해석하고 이를 바탕으로 현대도시의 새로운 정체성과 담론을 생성해내는 것을 이념으로 설립되었다. 또한 분업화된 시스템 속에서의 개별적 건축가가 아닌 건축 산업을 리드하는 Total 디자인으로서의 건축을 추구한다.

조호건축은 재료(Material)를 일종의 기하 측정(Geo_metry)의 단위로 설정하고 이들의 군집과 가감을 통한 방법을 통하여 디자인을 발전시키고 있다. 이러한 Material_metry는 재료가 지닌 의미를 대지가 지닌 컨텍스트 속에서 재해석하는 것을 의미하며 궁극적으로 건축공간을 인문학적 토대 위에 재구축함을 목표로 한다.


Interpreting architecture as a part of the humanities, JOHO Architecture bases their philosophy on creating a new identity and discourse in contemporary cities. In addition, architectural materials are set as a unit of ‘geo_metry’ and designs are developed through the grouping, addition and subtraction of these units. This ‘material_metry’ refers to the reinterpretation of a material’s meaning within the context of a site.


Architecture and Technology Resembling the Nature

Pergola of The Culb at NINE BRIDGES

"This not only probes into a technical solution for the double-duct system, an irregularly shaped structural form, or the glass skin, but also the significance this project holds in the history of glass architecture. In that regard,this book is not just a simple description of the project, but a piece of epic poetry that explains how the relationship between nature and architecture engages with the evolution of glass architecture."


- JeongHoon Lee , JOHO Architecture




In the Mood for L

SPACE September. 2016 No.586

"The Platform-L by JOHO Architecture is a work of architectural seduction. Unlike aesthetic appeal, which largely depends on personal taste, seductive appeal is a phenomenal affect that stems from a strong sense of confidence with just the right amount of fashionable embellishment. A work of architecture that faithfully reflects the present can sustain its seductive appeal far beyond the time of its conception. It is type of architecture that is best suited to representations of the fashionalbe but fleeting scene of contemporary Seoul."


- Choon Choi Professor, Seoul National University


Life for Creation

Audi Megazine No.04/2016

"His life is a continuing process of emptying and learning. The architecture also reflects this and always changes its shape and value according to time. He told us that he receives the inspirati on from the site and the people. The land is the starting
point of everything. Architecture is a conversation that makes building according to the site and the environment.


- Seugil Kim Editor, Audi Megazine


Dissecting the Dandy Architecture

WIDE Report, 2015 5-6

"The dandy appearance of this building is beyond the usual composition of the material, leaving it as an unfinished site through reflections, refractions, and night views gives the viewer an illusion of endless transformation like as it was constructed
over and over again."


- Hayup Song Professor, Chung-Ang University


Architecture as space

SPACE October. 2014 No.563

"Jeonghoon Lee places great architectural value on material, the properties of matter, and detail. Persistent experimentation towards possibility of expressiveness in architecture and the construction methods when using bricks is an important theme often behind his work. On the other hand, one may encounter Lee's writings or projects which reveal his concern over the ideology of contemporary architecture, such as hollowing out and filling up, vague boundary lines, designification, and strategies for coexistence."


- Sungyong Cho ph.D


A Gleam Pilgrimage

Essay Monthly Sep. 2013

"As the 20th-century architect sLouis Kahn said, “The crocodile must want to be a crocodile for reasons of the crocodile, and the nature of space reflects what it wants to be.” It may be interpreted that every intention of the creator has its own purpose
and meaning or that every matter is a scientific phenomenon resulting from the laws of nature. But what really matters is whether how we look at the object and how we interpret it regardless of the essence itself."


- Jeonghoon Lee JOHO Architecture


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