Countless Glasses

Construction Completed, 2015. 10

Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea


Site Area:

Building Area:
182.25 sqm

Gross Floor Area:
952.21 sqm

Aluminum Panel, Black Panel

Building scope:
B1, 5F


The ‘Countless Glasses’ expresses an idiosyncratic architectural illustration of an optician shop, liberated from the formative image. An early concept started from a circle, the shape of glasses. The repetition of circles creates diverse patterns on the façade. Overlapping one another, it intended to portray a specific image through groups of such repetition. The image made from groups of overall patterns symbolizes the flow of a river, one inspired by the owner’s hometown. 3,600 panels with glasses pattern interact over such primary side, forming the façade. Panels with glasses patterns, which determine the external image consist of inner and outer panels, are placed alternately. The combination of panels in different sizes of openings leads to the rich texture of the façade and in-depth sensitivity. A flow of various light beams makes the surface look different slightly. Emphasizing the aesthetic, anodized coatings are to be applied over 2mm aluminum. As inner and outer panels intercrossed, the panel brackets assembly and configuration methods were considered a key role in the construction. The vertical structure supports the vertically bungled 3,600 panels and horizontal brackets. LED lights are to be constructed accordingly to procedures and rules. During the day, it preserves the aesthetic tactility of aluminum, while at night, various images are projected to the facade under a certain LED program.








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