Waffle Valley 2

Construction Completed, 2019. 04

Pohang Steel City Museum, South Korea


Site Area:

Building Area:

Gross Floor Area:

Corrugated Fibre Board

Building scope:


Waffle Valley 2 is a project experiment that tested out the maximum capability of paper strength through honeycomb lattices, woven into the paper frame to produce such structural stiffness. The Waffle parts, each divided into individual pieces, are initially paired onto the corresponding match for effective production and simplicity, then later assembled in an orthogonal axis to form a wave surface. A total of 800 paper panels are laser cut and assembled into intersecting structures. The project gave the perception of the underrated vulnerable materiality of paper another character that it too could be compactly strong with the appropriate binding method. The waveform serves as a shelter for meditation where inhabitants could lie on different sizes of waves. The curvatures arranged at various angles were based upon ergonomic data of visitors of different ages.










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