Waffle Valley

Construction Completed, 2015. 09

Kumho Museum, South Korea


Site Area:

Building Area:

Gross Floor Area:

Corrugated Fibre Board

Building scope:
B1, 3F


Space is no longer considered the essence of architecture today. It is not an accident that all vectors to be freed from the ideology of modern architecture have been led in a way that focuses on symbols, materials, and structures. Architects are no longer addicted to space itself. They pursue a synesthetic atmosphere that arises from materials and elaborate styles instead of abstract and mostly visual space. ‘Waffle Valley’ was designed to demonstrate how the understanding of material could be used to form space. This work experiments with paper’s structural stiffness and morphological diversity by weaving paper planks reinforced by a honeycomb structure in a waffle frame. The 400 paper boards combined at right angles yield such strength that allows inhabitation on it. The form, looking like an eroded rock is an illustration that in fact, vulnerable material as such paper could also materialize like that of a solid surface when numerous pieces of this feeble, light material are assembled.






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