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Casa Geometrica

Construction Completed, 2014. 07


Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea



Site Area:

572.60 sqm

Building Area:


Gross Floor Area:



Black Stainless Panel (with laser cutting)

Building Scope:

B1 - 2F

Through renovation, the project gives rebirth to the worn-out residential flat while silmutaneously rejuvenates its commercial capability. Giwa roofing is a system of geometric orders. Tiles are paired up with one another to create tactual sophistication. However, the tiles are sometimes placed on the ambiguous borderline. The curved figures of the Giwa cluster, formed with wavy shapes and triangular geometry, suggest the order of gable constructs in the past. If so, how would you modernly reinterpret the unit's geometric cluster while silmutaneously comprehending the existing structured guidelines of its texture and geometry? The different principles of geometry share heterogeneity and homogeneity, forming a contact point at the same time. Distinct in texture and sentimentality, the existing geometry of red Giwa and bricks contrast the dark gray stainless tetrahedrons. The architecture, symbiotically co-existed with no one being more than the other, approaches an equilibrium point created by the sentimentality of time and space. Eighty-seven black stainless steel tetrahedron blocks form the basic unit that encases the existing masonry walls. The exterior of black stainless steel cubes is a lump of skin made of 530 triangles and rhombuses. The pattern of about 200,000 bored circles and 15,000 geometric patterns filter the light from the outside in various quantities and qualities. The past footsteps are reconfigured by geometry, while space experienced a sense of time through the interplay of light geometries.



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