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Crossing Bricks

Construction Completed, 2015. 09


Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea



Site Area:

330.6 sqm

Building Area:

198.20 sqm

Gross Floor Area:

859.86 sqm


Black Brick, Stainless Steel, Granite

Building Scope:

B1 - 5F

The ‘Crossing Bricks’ suggests an ideal portfolio for multiplex housing, taking full advantage of the inclined topography. The project aims to achieve a competitive building for leasing in comparison with its surroundings. Subsequently, the project approach offers a new business model where the lower-floor rental space coexists with the upper-floor residential space. The core faces South secures spatial efficiency, despiting the regulation guidelines of having it faces North. The objective was to resolve the lost daylight strategy. A high-grade window with a stepped section is installed on the top for natural ventilation and mining, allowing sunlight to penetrate throughout the corridors and rooms from North to South. The facade is composed of three different types of bricks, stacked systematically at different angles. The assembly flows continuously in one direction, mimicking the scales of fish. The bricks are stacked, crossing one to another like a fingertip, creating a sense of change in the elevation. The new pattern provokes not only a new spatial order but also an identity to the homogenous surroundings.



Surface Detail.jpg
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