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Endless Triangle

Construction Completed, 2014. 10





Site Area:


Building Area:


Gross Floor Area:




Building Scope:


The ‘Endless Triangle’, collaborated with Dongkuk-Jekang Group, finds its project motivation from the desire to measure metal’s potential capability. The project attempts to symbolize metal’s eternity and circulation. The triangle becomes the most basic unit in shaping the structure. Composed of two layers, load-bearing back panel, which is complemented by the Luxsteel color-panel. The composition evokes a correlation of forceful Masculine and delicate Feminine. The assembling process is all accomplished by handwork. There are over 70 inner rib bracing elements (THK 4.5 steel plate). These plates were welded on outer surface plates individually. Because of structural size, structural elements have to be wielded in parts. Coupling stress of structurally replacement member in the form of a Mobius strip each other, in the structure that supports the overall shape, the floating two structures points top was not an easy task. To avoid issues in results, the assembled structure has to go through a twice verification process.



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