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Herma Parking Building

Construction Completed, 2010. 05


Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Parking building (20% commercial area)

Site Area:

853.7 sqm

Building Area:

639.4 sqm

Gross Floor Area:

2,554.29 sqm


Reinforced Concrete, Steel Stairs / Polycarbonate, Polished Stainless Panel

Building Scope:

B1  - 4F

Development districts of New Downtown in Korea that are fully filled with gigantic real estate goods only emphasize the legal maximum floor area ratio. The city identity is represented by the wall-covering signs not the presence of space nor void. The massive box lumps clutter the city with the logic of capitalism that is composed of investment, lease, and presale, rather than the respective regional characteristics. This project intended to change the urban landscape through a proposition of a certain symbolically designed icon on a dry city. In order to overcome a realistic limitation of a typical parking building, a new design can increase the value of commercial facilities, including maximizing the commercial area of the 1st floor and changing the front landscaping area into the terrace, as needed. Through investing in a design that gives emphasis on commercial facilities rather than parking space, the value of the building and the land itself can rise. In other words, through an art gallery-like parking building the owner could get the attractive and high rental condition of the commercial building.


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