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Hwa Yang EGG 333

Construction Completed, 2012. 10\


Seoul, South Korea


Commercial, Housing

Site Area:


Building Area:


Gross Floor Area:



Wood Louver, STS Panel

Building Scope:


Space cherishes memories and traces of time. Perhaps, what we perceived was not within our imagination but in the essence of touch, smell, and physical memories. The value of remodeling unravels the footprints of time and newly reinterpreting them in the modern sense. It is not just about adding the required features but also implies a new value to it. Material properties became the key aesthetic distinguishing the gap of past and present. Which to show or which to hide? The rhetorical question seemed to provoke such sentimentality of memories trajectory within the spatial composition. The pentagonal mass of the existing building is unique. The attempt was to unify the roof to the garden by taking advantage of the preserved existing shape. The egg, adding a fun aesthetic to the client, was the geometry that could be created within the polygon. The building identity could be read as a shape of an egg from Google Earth’s Top View, while segregated through other perspectives. Could this be a coincidence? The client was born in 1933, and the building was located at 33-3. The number ‘3’ was a critical keyword that linked the building to the client. The number was patterned onto the building facade that represents the history of the family. It serves as a secret code and a variation to the monotonous exterior. The number ‘3’ can only be seen from a certain point where the entire building perspective is exposed. Here, the definition becomes figurations and patterns are abstracted.


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