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Namhae Cheo-ma House

Construction Completed, 2011. 07


Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea



Site Area:

576.00 sqm

Building Area:

105.12 sqm

Gross Floor Area:

76.61 sqm


Steel Frame, Aluminum Bar

Building Scope:


The fantasy of awkwardly-imported western wooden houses and red brick houses formed a typical picture of Korean rural communities. Without any concern about a landscape or a spirit of bamboo forest, red-brick houses have become a romance for farmers and an ultimate architectural goal for architects. A line produces another line. Sky-line, mountain-line, and land-line are all the ab- solute's line. A newly drawn line means capturing the earth and the point where the sky and the land merge. After all, CheoMa possibly means setting a line where mankind and above meet. It embraces the land in its own line and disguises itself in nature's ridge at the same time. This paradoxical duplicity of CheoMa meets the Korean philosophy of being harmonious but not the same and being similar but different. It is our lives and the virtue that the line has.



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