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The Urban Tetris

Construction Completed, 2016.06


Busan, South Korea



Site Area:

524.20 sqm

Building Area:

419.29 sqm

Gross Floor Area:

1,796.17 sqm


Aluminum Panels, Black Panel

Building Scope:

B1 - 5F

The 'Urban Tetris' is a remodeling and extension project that tackles the challenge of improving commerciality against the competitive neighborhood. Located at the heart of the business district Seomyeon, Busan, the building promotes an eye-catcher to the surrounding complex with an underground entrance located in front of the building. Regardless, due to deteriorating building conditions, lack of preference for lease seemed to punch struggles in rentability. Hoping for a better resolution, the owner purchased the adjacent lot at the back alley and requested to remodel both. Allocated at the front, is the optician store whilst the two mass behind shall provide for neighborhood living facilities. The approach conceptualized overall city lots as blocks of such in Tetris. The extended mass, adopting similar spatial ideology, were initially segregated which later integrated as a single whole as additional elements to the urban composition. The space in between the old and new was dynamically rebuilt through various engagements of programmatic functions. As a result, the attempt imposed the establishment of a new urban typology that counteract the stereotype of Korea's urban development which, by marked through a volume-rate game.


Mass Development.jpg


Section Perspective.jpg
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