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Time Stacking House

Construction Completed, 2013. 09


Seoul, South Korea



Site Area:

327.22 sqm

Building Area:

98.15 sqm

Gross Floor Area:

255.44 sqm


Existing Red Brick, Extension Bright Red Brick

Building Scope:

B1 - 2F

Paradoxically, reminiscence is the state of 'being' of the accumulated presence. Time leaves traces through space, but reality wise space changes through time. If time only exists inside our consciousness, how are we certained that we can reproduce it as a substantial figure? Architecture is the result of illustrating time we sense as an uncertain being. Therefore, architecture is historical as an essential process to present the diachronic and synchronic value of the being. The 'Time stacking house' is a renovation project where the 30 years old masonry is overdressed with new masonry. The project respects the heritage by renovating on top of the preserved masonry. The bricks used in the existing house were those that were popular in 70~80s and but were not produced anymore these days. The trace of the age remains elegantly on the patterns and texture of the brick denoting the history of this house. It was the the project approach to utilize the newly produced bricks on the extended parts over the trace from 30 years ago, juxtapositioning silmutaneous presence of past and present. Choosing the exact color and type of the bricks, the space recreates a rigid temporal time capsule mediating conversation of the past to present. Not only so, the extension is also a new perspective of seeing the extension as strategy of sequencing circulation of light and air instead of simple spatial or quantitative extension.



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